You’ve been in business less than 2 years and need some focus on how to grow your business. You need financing or a partner to help you to grow the business.

Does this sound like you?

  • I started a business and have been in business less than 2 years
  • I already started a business but have not been making enough money in the business
  • I don’t have a business plan and I think I need one
  • I have a business plan but it is not up to date
  • I’m working too many hours in my business and I’m feeling stressed out
  • I’m not really clear or focused on how to grow my business
  • My business’ sales levels and profits are increasing but not fast enough
  • I need financing to take me to the next level or to keep the business afloat

You need someone who will…

  • help you write or refine your business plan
  • help you to get focused on what your goals and objectives are and put a plan together
  • help you to grow your business the right way with simple straight forward advice


Here’s how I can help you…


I provide personalized training sessions to help you with the basics of starting up a new business or write a killer business plan.


For business planning there are 3 convenient options for you to choose from – done for you, do it yourself guidance or get a makeover.


My clients affectionately call me “the Boss.” I am your Accountability Partner who helps to keep you focused and on track.