Just for Startups

As a new business owner you could really use someone to guide you along the road to success. You need a safety net or an accountability partner so that you are not out there alone.

Established or Next Level Businesses

You love the freedom and perks associated with owning your own business but miss having a team of co-workers or a boss to bounce ideas off of. You need a “boss” or accountability partner to keep you motivated.

Coaching sessions are tailored/customized to
meet your schedule and monthly budget.

Accountability Coach

Individual Personalized Coaching sessions designed to support you.

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DIY Business Plan

You write your own business plan using a business planning guide, templates and other tools provided. Includes a final review of your completed plan and 2 hours of personalized support.

Full Service Business Plan

Your business plan is written for you by using collaborative consultation – personal interviews, questionnaires, and direction from you, the business owner.

Business Plan Makeover

Your existing plan is reviewed with a critical eye to identify new opportunities for growth and areas for improvement. If you are looking to expand your business and/or require funding or investors this is the service for you!


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Start-Up 101

This workshop covers the nuts and bolts of how to start a new business including how to choose a business structure and a business name, how to register a business, how to conduct market research, how to develop a business strategy and more.

How to Write a Killer Business Plan

Helpful for everyone from Startups and Established to Next Level business owners. You’ll learn the essentials of business plan writing and why a business plan is critical to your success.

Training & Coaching

Customized individual or group training sessions based on what you really need.

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I always feel so much better after my coaching session with Cheryl. She is a great listener who can see through all the murkiness to get at the heart of the problem. She has so much knowledge about business planning and the start-up process. Cheryl is willing to make introductions to her connections in the community and is a valuable referral partner. Her positive, inspiring and straight-forward approach to business is a welcome change.
– JC, Vancouver, BC